Hi, my name is Yana Yakubchik.

I’m an Illustrator aspiring to work in children’s publishing and editorial. I mostly work with Procreate on the iPad with an Apple pencil. I enjoy drawing furry creatures like mice or dogs, nighttime scenes, and plants.

How to Get in Contact with Me:
Email: 908yana@gmail.com
Twitter: @yakubchik_art
Instagram: @yakubchik.art
Behance: Yana Yakubchik

Some Facts about Me
Favorite Movies: Kirikou and the Sorceress, Weathering with You, Ponyo, Coraline, Fantastic Mr.Fox, and so many more.
Favorite Artists: Rebecca Green, Jon Klassen, Becca Stadtlander, Francisco Fonseca, Yas Imamura, and so, so many more!
Favorite Hobbies: Playing Chess, Watching Anime, Cooking, and Gardening.
Organizations I support: Against Malaria Foundation, GiveWell, Campaign Zero

Thank You for Viewing my Art!

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